Heh guys my Auntie Ingrid is in town on a surprise family visit. My cousins slipped up and spilled the beans. She’s here to surprise my mom and doesn’t know I know. I am going to surprise her. I’ve got her hotel name and suite number from my cousin. Oh boy will this be good! We’ll have a good laugh and catch up. Hopefully while she’s here we can do some sightseeing and maybe take in a Broadway show. I’ve been meaning to see Wicked, but just have not had the time. Auntie’s here so I’ll have to make time. Of all the times I’ve visited London she was always my favorite stop. She’ll always have some goodies out for me, because she knows I have a serious sweet tooth. I’m going to call a local limousine company I’ve used before. We’ll make a complete night on the town. She’ll absolutely love it! Being chauffeured around in grand style, just like the Queen minus the horses!

Now I just have to find a place to take her to eat. I‘ve been meaning to try Bubba Gump’s. The reviews are good and so is the food I hear. Okay I got the transportation, the dining and the show. Now I need something to wear and gotta get my hair did! Trying to get me ready is a Broadway production all to itself. mt favorite cousins in town too, so she’ll be my wing woman when it’s time to pull it all together. Wow this is starting to sound expensive and I have not even figured out how I am going to make the time for this girls night out. I guess we‘ll take it one step at a time. It’s going to be Fabulous Darling!

Here comes the big Surprise!

London The City I Love


Hi there, it’s just Jus! This is my little old blog about my love of London. I’m 23 years old and I’ve visited London numerous times. Probably too many to count. The city is amazing! When I was much younger I visited on holiday (as the Brits would say) on a family vacation. During that visit I was too young to remember much but in my more recent visits I can recall every minute of my time spent in this wonderful place. So this is my rant! Unfortunately I have not been back for some time now, but have dreamed of my return ever since. Being a grown up now, I can always make an excuse about why I can’t go back, but I’m building the confidence to make the move permanent. I feel like I’ve outgrown here. In the past whenever I landed in Heathrow my heart would skip a beat, so here are my top 10 reasons why “I Love London”.


  1. The Architecture is amazing. Having just graduated from Architecture school, I realize I’m more inclined to the old world architecture than these new modern age behemoths I see lining skylines all over the world. Some towers stand 100+ stories high and take away from the beauty of their natural surroundings. Some parts of London still look like centuries past.
  1. So you thought the USA was the King of trends well just take a look across the pond and you’ll find someone following something somewhere somehow every other second of the hour. From food to friend to fashion, you’ll find something to follow. Hey you never know, stand out long enough and you might start a trend of your own.
  1. In London everything has a story to tell. From people to places and things there’s a story. London is rich with history so endearing you can’t help but listen. People sometimes stand around for hours embellishing on their take of a piece of London’s rich history. Everywhere you look there are symbols, placards, signs, statues giving you glimpses into the past.
  1. London loves to read! Some of the most storied tales comes from London. Such as Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, Sense and Sensibilities, Robinson Crusoe, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and many others. This list goes on and too many to count. Everywhere you turn there are billboards displaying a tale soon to hit the stores. Harry Potter anyone? I often curl up with a new or old hard cover by the window on a rainy day, and slip aimlessly into one of the classics.
  1. Spotted Dick may sound kind a gruesome lol but in the UK, it’s my favorite dessert! It’s a pudding, made with something called suet (which I believe is the pastry) and dried raisins. It’s served with custard which is usually not too sweet and perfect with warm Spotted Dick. I do remember this dessert from my childhood visits and have gone to many British shops in America searching for it when I miss London.
  1. I LOVE THE RAIN! I know that may seem crazy but I love walking through the cobbled streets under a “brolly”, stopping in tea shops to have biscuits and tea. It creates such a mood! And since it rains so often you don’t want to stay indoors. It’s a perfect opportunity to get some reading in at the popular Southbank Centre Book Market or catch a film at one of the Independent Cinemas. The Brits aren’t the friendliest initially but eventually you start seeing familiar faces as the whole city weathers the rain.
  1. I love London but love traveling period, so the proximity to other European countries is ridiculously appealing. In 2 and 1/2 hours from London you could be in Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Sweden, Germany or Spain! I love that! There’s so much culture in London because these countries are close neighbors but to be able to be in another city in such a short time, is amazing to me and something I can’t wait to take advantage of.
  1. Theater theater theater. My parents love seeing plays so I was dragged to many. Eventually I gained an appreciation for theater and acting as a skill. Some of the best actors in the world sharpen their chops in the UK. So getting the chance to go to some of the theaters that began the careers of some of my favorites like —- is an honor. In another life I would be an actress but architecture is my plan A. The Old Vic, West End Theater and Savoy Theater are a few I want to visit soon.
  1. The London Eye is one of Europe’s tallest Ferris wheels. Mind you, I’m a big chicken when it comes to Ferris wheels. I remember an old boyfriend would get annoyed at how scared I would get. Really who needs to be 400+ feet in the air?? But if I get the guts to move to London I’ll just have to take a ride on the Eye won’t I?
  1. Last reason- some of coolest people live in the UK. Not that I’m a stalker or anything but where NY was the place that artists lived unbothered, now it’s a trend for many Americans to move to the UK. Kevin Spacey, Madonna, EVE, Gwen Stefani are just a few of the folks that maybe I’ll bump into at some incredibly dim lit pub.

Ah London, I’ll be back soon. I promise.